Many people clean their homes a few times every week, and the kitchen is one area that cleaned every single day. But have you stopped to consider the last time you cleaned the outside of your home? Don’t you think it needs a wash too? Whenever guests visit you, the first thing they notice is the facade of your home. Unfortunately, due to the atmospheric pollutants and various other elements, its look gets dull and drab and this is where pressure washing comes to rescue!

cleaning a deck with a power washerPressure washing, also known as power washing, is one of the simplest and the most affordable ways to preserve the beautiful look of your home. It is the most efficient and most effective cleaning service since it uses the combined action of pressure and chemicals; and interacts with the surface at both physical as well as molecular level. It breaks the bond between the surface of your property and any type of dirt, be it dust, grit, grease, mud, ink, and stains. That’s why for many of the common sorts of dirt that are very difficult to clean up, a pressure washer is often considered to be the best way to deal with these sort of problems.

Your home is precious to you but the natural elements don’t treat it the same way that you do. Due to the constant exposure of your building to the external environment, dirt, algae, molds, and grime can accumulate on its exterior surface. These agents have a negative effect on the curb appeal as well as the lifespan of the exterior of your home. If the walls and outer facade of your homes become covered with contaminants like soot, molds, mildews and dirt, the entire look of our property gets spoiled. Even a million-dollar home appears to be an abandoned building if not properly taken care of! This is just one of the reasons why you need to consider pressure washing your home!

You might be thinking at this point that, OKAY if washing your home is such an important thing to do why can’t I just grab a garden hose and plug it in the pump to start cleaning the property. Wait! This is not that simple. Pressure washing is not a task that you can do by yourself. It needs to be done by a team of professionals who have the right expertise as well as the right equipment needed for this job. Some of the reasons why you really should hire professionals for pressure washing your home are explained below.

To avoid personal injury

Believe us, pressure washing is a dangerous task! In fact, more than 6000 cases of mild to severe personal injuries are reported each year in Canada related to the improper or unauthorized use of pressure washers. Professionals are fully trained to undertake this task. Moreover, they are also equipped with proper safety gear needed to pressure wash your home.

To avoid damage to your home

a man is cleaning siding with a pressure washerA pressure washer has enough power to rip the paint right off the walls of your home. It can even remove the tiles from the face of the building quite easily and can damage wood and other costly materials used on the outside of your property.

So, let the pros handle this work because they know how to deal with the intense water pressure involved in this work. They know exactly how much or how little pressure is needed for safely removing the contaminants from the exterior surface of your home without damaging the surface itself. If you do this work yourself, you are much likely to damage your property!

To get the best results

Pressure washing is a challenging task. If you think you can do it yourself and get the same results as delivered by professional pressure washers, you are wrong!

a man stands on a ladder while cleaning the siding of a homeNot all pressure washing jobs are same because different buildings and facades need different equipment. For example, the nozzle used to wash wooden surfaces might not be appropriate or effective enough to be used on concrete or steel surfaces. Likewise, the washing pressure and angle of impact of water vary according to the nature of each job. Improper practices or equipment can result in damage to the property costing thousands of dollars to fix. Similarly, the chemicals, detergents and other cleaning agents used in pressure washing need to be specific to the type of surface they are being used on.

You don’t have the right equipment or tools. You don’t know what types of cleaning agents work best on different surfaces. You don’t have the skill and expertise needed to handle pressure washers. That’s why there is no way you can get your desired results by carrying out this job yourself. You will probably end up doing more harm than good.

So, if you want your home to look great, make sure to hire a professional pressure washing service!