Toronto has decided to change many of the regulations and laws surrounding manholes, and many local businesses and entrepreneurs have been left out in the cold as to what those changes are, how they could affect them, and if they need Toronto manhole installation in their business or residential building. For the sake of simplicity we spoke with local Toronto plumbing contractor Absolute Draining & Plumbing, here are the most important details regarding manhole installation in Toronto, and if it may affect you.

toronto manhole installation in progress

First, the new rules and regulations are only affecting multi-storey residential buildings and commercial, institutional, or industrial premises, but only if they have one or more connections to sewer works. If your building doesn’t have all of these requirements, then you likely do not need a manhole installation. However, it is still a good idea to have your premises or building inspected by a trained and certified Toronto manhole installation expert, just to ensure that you will be completely compliant with the new guidelines.

If you do have a building or premises with one or more connections to sewer works, then you’ll need a manhole for each individual connection. Furthermore, these manholes need to comply with new regulations regarding the size, shape, and means of access. So if you need a new manhole, it’s important that you hire professionals who can build you the right kind of manhole to comply with the new regulations.

If you need a manhole installed or upgraded to meet the new regulations, be aware that you may have as little as sixty days to comply, or you’ll be faced with stiff fines and regulatory issues. Given the little amount of time, be sure to only use qualified, experienced, and professional Toronto manhole installation workers. They can do the job quickly and properly the first time.

Manhole installation is an essential aspect of living in Toronto because, without properly-maintained manholes, our water and sewer systems would suffer. The City and its employees need access to their sewer lines at any time to ensure proper testing, quality control, and sampling. Without a proper manhole, these tasks would be impossible, and the entire city’s water and sewer system could be in serious trouble.